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What We Sell

Synthetic Leather

A synthetic leather material developed through years of experience and made possible by cutting edge technology. The finished product is extraordinary in its functionality, durability and yet at the same time luxurious and aesthetically pleasing to the senses. It is made only from the best materials and crafted with passion to give you that stunning material for your every need.

Our Product


Anti Bacterial

All Vector product line up are using SaniVec, a special treatment to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.


It’s Vector SuperComfort technique to deliver soft and comfortable sensation, like real leather.


Our product is cool to the touch ensured by special Climatex materials and processing.


Achieved by using DuraVec, Vector proprietary formula to ensure tremendous durability and strength.

Fire Retadant

Using FireVec, special additives to prevent flammability of our products.

Easy Maintenance

It’s almost maintenance free, because of KlinVec, a special coating which enable easy to clean.


Our years of experience has enabled us to invent NatuReal technique, to craft a product that it’s the next best thing to a genuine leather.

True Perforated

AeroVec, Vector newest perforation technology to intensify texture and allow natural air flow through material.


Thanks to ProVec, it’s Vector cutting edge technology in material processing and quality control technique to deliver the most stable and flawless quality.

UV Protection

Superb UV protection to sustain color and refrain from cracking, attained by using UVVec coating, it’s Vector latest coating technology.

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